Greater Elizabeth Missionary Baptist Church

192 Greater Elizabeth Road Lloyd, Florida 32337


                                                   Mothers Ministry

Seated: Mother Doris Hall and Mother Shirley Cooper

Standing(L to R):   First Lady Tammie Stewart, Mother Betty Jackson, Mother Julia Jenkins, Deaconess Angela Huggins, Mother Oleather Mack, Mother Mary Stewart, Mother Alice Fryson, Mother Rosa Robinson, and Mother Airwinpha Johnson (not pictured)


Deacons Ministry

Seated:  Deacon Peter Robinson, Deacon Charlie Robinson, Deacon Eddie Jenkins (Deceased), and Deacon Emeritus Clyde Brown, Jr. 

Standing (L to R):   Deacon Spurgeon Green (Asst. Chairman), Deacon Carlester Fryson, Deacon Grenville Hall, Deacon James Graham, Sr., Deacon Emeritus Theodore Mack, Deacon Michael Henry, (Asst. Chairman), Deacon Charles Johnson, Deacon Simon Howard, Jr., Deacon Willis McDaniel, Sr. (Chairman), and Deacon John Williams

Minister Elizabeth Green

​​​​Church Leadership

Senior Pastor, Elder Rodney Stewart

Elder Charles Reddick

Bishop Vincent Cooper

Elder Vivian Howard

​​​Greater Elizabeth Missionary BaptistChurch